Some Points to Consider Prior to Investing in a Reverse Osmosis Water Dispenser

For a long time now there are many who rave about the quality pure water a Reverse osmosis dispenser provides. In fact numerous consumers on a daily basis invest thousands on complete home units, which are said to provide the best quality water at an economical price. Well sadly, this information is false and leaves many wasting large amounts of money while being mislead.

- The TFC style membranes become compromised by oxidation, therefore needing pre filtration with carbon style filters to effectively eliminate chlorine, which then destroys the TFC membranes. So they tend become self-defeating devices.

- Areas with hard water and low or inconsistent high pressure – do not have the ability to be effective. These devices require a high level of pressure to effectively contend with large levels of metals and salts to deliver healthy/pure results.

- The systems are only designed to block large particles and organic chemicals. Though, these days many harmful chemicals – such as prescription drugs, paint thinners etc. – and bacteria are small and can leak through membranes.

- Household units waste a lot of water. In order to receive 5 gallons of water in the outcome of the process, forty to ninety gallons are wasted. Not only is this wasteful from an environmental perspective, it is very expensive if consumers are paying per unit for water.

- The newer units with a pre filter system to catch more chemicals utilizing less hydraulic energy – needs to pass through 2 stages, to then again be pressurized, which greatly increases the energy necessary to perform. This greatly adds to costs.

- The (AMA) American Medical Association, have conducted laboratory tests many years ago regarding reverse osmosis water dispenser systems and “reverse osmosis was found to be CONCENTRATING the dangerous heavy metals mercury and aluminium”. It is well known that mercury and metals have been clearly linked to an array of neurological disorders. It makes one wonder how so many units are sold on a daily basis.

Understandably, there are savvy businessmen and sale people who give a great pitch. Though, with medical findings such as the above – hopefully more consumers can be informed of what they are actually purchasing. The units are often very pricey. Proper research and education is greatly necessary when searching for pure water devices. Choosing units to raise quality of health is the ultimate goal, yet taking steps to learn and compare items will be time well spent, especially considering risks of health and thousands of dollars essentially wasted.

Brand Spanking New: Revitalise Your Business With a Branding Redesign

A branding redesign is a powerful tool for any business or company that wants to reflect to its current and/or potential customers a positive make-over, or simply create a stronger presence in a market it might not have a influence or customer loyalty in. If your company or business fits in one of these categories, a branding redesign can revitalize your business in ways that affects your bottom line.

- A mediocre product or service has negative associations related to its brand. Even though a company or business might work hard to improve it’s product or service, or might even be under new management, the negative associations are likely to remain. A branding redesign in essence gives the business or company a second chance with its target audience and customers or clients.

- A branding redesign creates new hype and serves as a great advertising tool. People will take notice of the change and be reminded of the service or product. They might even be tempted to try it again with it’s brand spanking new twist.

- Branding redesign enables you to go back to the drawing board and utilize the experience to create a more relevant and catchy brand design that will reflect your product or service more accurately and increasingly draw the attention of your target audience and potential customers or clients.

- Branding redesign also serves to revitalize your business by inspiring renewed employee enthusiasm. It can be an activity that incorporates employee input, can be jointly celebrated with staff and reflect a new hope in creating a stronger market presence and increased bottom line where everyone benefits.

- Redesigning a brand helps a business distinguish itself from the competition. As new businesses and companies emerge and seek to make their presence known in the market, old brands can be forgotten. By recreating a new brand image, customers and client’s attention is directed back to your business or company. It is a chance to stick out of the shelf in a shelf full of other products or services.

- Redesigning a brand also gives the business a chance to redesign and refocus their business as a whole and either focus or choose to diversity products or services.

Getting back to the drawing board and redesigning a brand can revitalize a business in a myriad of ways which affect the business or company, their current and potential customers and their staff as a whole. It is important to invest the appropriate time and resources into creating a superior brand design. It’s not every day that a company or business comes out with a new branding ‘look’ and not executing with excellence and improvement can lead to the opposite results than the ones sought in the first place. It can also affect current customer or client loyalty without attracting a new customer or client base. But if it is done right, it can be just what your business needs to get on a tremendous upward spiral.

Five Ways a Good Web Designer Helps Your Business Grow

You’ll agree the whole Internet Marketing concept hinges on websites. It is only through your website you deal with your customers, do business and reap profits. Websites are to be designed by professionals in the field, to deliver the purpose well and squarely, for which they are created in the first place. Every Web Designer does their jobs and what differentiates one, as “Good Web Designer” head and shoulders above the rest is what he does, to help your business grow. There are many ways towards this objective, and here are the important five.

1. Creating the all important first impression:

The moment a web visitor lands in your website’s home page, what they perceive by the very first glance of your website is – how it is designed. Impressive and informative websites excel always. The design of the website catches the visitor in split seconds; and holds him or her to stay further, till they finish the objective of visiting your site. There can be differences among professional web designers, as how a website should pose a look with the customer; but a Good Web Designer knows the secret of designing effective, efficient and impressive website for you.

2. Providing exhaustive information to the end-user:

The website designer should be able to visualize the future. While building up the website at the designing stage, the professional should foresee what the ultimate end-user of the site will search for, and provide all the relevant and relative information, explicitly for everyone to see easily. Clarity of information, categorization without confusion and ready availability meets with immense satisfaction of the customer, to lead to successful business transaction at the end.

3. Making a functional website 100%:

This is where importantly an adept web professional can achieve more business for you, looking from the visitor perspective. Right when designing a site, all the presses and buttons in the site should be checked and rechecked untiringly, till they are 100% functional. Multi-browser compatibility, easy opening of web pages, hassle-free navigation throughout the site, and making it child’s play to transact the business at the site – all these put together, ensure 100% success in your business and growing profits continuously.

4. Enabling SEO friendliness a matter of importance:

All said and done, making your website’s online presence known opens up the very avenue, to grow business success. Search Engine Optimization techniques need inevitably “good and technically sound” web designing. A skillful web professional answers all these demands by the Search Engines, to enable your website SEO friendly, to attract sizeable visitor-traffic, and convert them into potential customers, successfully.

5. Keeping the cost affordable:

At the end of the day, you need a resourceful Web Designer, who is “affordable” to entrust your project for web designing. Your business success depends upon cost-consciousness in everything you are spending, as investments.

Thus a Good Web Designer helps your business grow profitably, by adhering to the above principles and other aspects of professionalism for sure.